Vampire Werewolf Fairies (2011)

Gozer Games

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2 - 6




20 min

In Vampire Werewolf Fairies you try to become four different types of people -- Vampires, Werewolves, Witches, and Fairies. The goal of the game is to collect objects to help you or hurt your opponents, and to become types that can use those objects. You can play as multiple types. At the end of the game, a fast-paced lightning round can make or break the winner. This is a game for 2-6 players. Or, it can be combined with Zombie Ninja Pirates and played with up to 10 players. There are 3 kinds of cards. Type cards give you points if you are that type at the end of the game. Action cards will allow you to play a quick action, such as become a Type (like the 'Bite' card, which lets you become a Vampire), or remove a Type from another player (like 'Hair Remover', to remove a Werewolf type). Finally, Object cards you want to try to collect, and will give you points if you are a type that can use that Object. For example, 'Sparkles' are +3 points for Fairies, but -3 points for Vampires, because we all know that real Vampires *don't* sparkle. Integrates with: Zombie Ninja Pirates