Superhero Geocaching (2014)

DPH Games Inc.

Game Image

2 - 5




45 min

You battle villains to protect the geocaches that Dr. Apephace so desperately wants to destroy. The clock is ticking! THE PREMISE Zzzzzzzzz... “Captain Cache… this is your old friend Dr. Apephace! I am broadcasting this message over a frequency that only you can hear. Since you won’t let me have my fun, I have decided to take away your fun! I have built a device, a Cache-Crusher, which when operational, will destroy every unprotected Geocache in the world. I have released my Thuggles and their teleportation pods to prevent you from rescuing caches. Well, Captain, Cache me if you Can... HAHAHAHAHAH!' .... ZZZZZZZZ Captain Cache is the world’s greatest superhero. His origin story is a safely guarded secret… well actually he just found a radioactive cache which gave him super geocaching abilities. With Dr. Apephace on the loose, Captain Cache has asked his SUPERHERO FRIENDS TO UNITE AND COLLECT ALL OF THE CACHES TO FOIL THE MAD DOCTOR'S SCHEME! HOW IT PLAYS In addition to the base game set up, 6 teleportation pods are placed on the board. Each player will be given a superhero character to play. Every time a geocache is take, a villain appears on a teleportation pod. Villains move about the board and start to destroy geocaches until they are successfully captured by a superhero. The straightforward combat system adds strategy to capturing villains and some superheroes are more well-suited to capturing some villains. It will take team work to win because once 10 caches are destroyed the evil Dr. wins and the superheroes lose!