Boss Monster: Creator Pack (2013)

Brotherwise Games

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2 - 4




20 min

Boss Monster: Creator Pack is a set of four Kickstarter-exclusive cards for the Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game game. These are four very special cards, including: The Brothers Wise Boss Card - Because we're not above a little narcissism, we created this lovable two-headed ogre mage with a knack for always finding the right card. We think Katrina really captured our good looks. Hellcow Boss Card - In our final stages of playtesting, we have been honored to have game designer and novelist Keith Baker playing the game and offering crucial advice. We are big fans of Keith's work on Gloom, the Eberron D&D campaign setting, and many other games, so it's been reassuring to see such a seasoned designer having a blast with our game. To celebrate, we figured we had to immortalize his bovine alter ego as a Boss! Pixel Lincoln Hero Card - In launching a pixel-themed card game on Kickstarter, we knew that some people would compare us to Pixel Lincoln. But though we may have begun as rivals, that all changed when Pixel Lincoln designer Jason Tagmire ended up with a review copy of Boss Monster. He saw right away that the games are very different, but both awesome. So at Jason's suggestion, we've joined forces to bring time-traveling Pixel Lincoln to the world of Boss Monster as a truly Epic Hero ...and King Croak will be popping up as a promo card for Pixel Lincoln! T.P.K. Spell Card - If you've Mastered a few Dungeons, you might be familiar with the concept of a Total Party Kill.