Boss Monster: Tools of Hero-Kind (2013)

Brotherwise Games

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2 - 4




20 min

Tools of Hero-Kind is a 26-card mini-expansion for Boss Monster: The Dungeon Building Card Game. With the introduction of Item cards, Tools of Hero-Kind will transform the adventurers exploring your dungeon. They'll go from being a resource that you harvest into an undeniable threat. Magical weapons, armor, items and scrolls will attach themselves to Heroes as they come into town and confer their 'Power-Up' abilities. Of course, with bigger risks come bigger rewards. Should you manage to defeat a hero carrying an Item, you'll be able to use the one-time 'Reward' effect of that item to further your own nefarious goals. Included: 20 Item cards 4 Advanced Room cards 2 Spell cards new rules card All cards are 88mm x 63mm like the original game.