Cancelled: The Card Game (2017)

25th Century Games

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2 - 4




45 min

Fill that Timeslot! Eliminate the Competition! Keep Your Job! Television. It's always changing. Today your show is hot, tomorrow it is CANCELLED! You and your fellow Executives are the new players in this ever changing market. Can you have the the hottest shows on your channel at the end of the Season? Or will your fellow Executives lay the stamp down on you? And now.... Lights, Camera, CANCELLED! Cancelled is the 'Take That' card game of TV Executive Board Room antics, with humorous tongue and cheek shows. Following a simple play 1, draw 1 style of play, players will fight to collect Shows such as 'I Like Lacy' and 'Puffy the Platypus Slayer' to add to their Channel. However, some players may resort to taking your Shows, or worse, Cancelling a show so no one can reap the ratings. After 2 Seasons of play, players will add up the ratings of their Shows. The player with the most ratings, will be employee of the year. All other programming, is Cancelled. —description from the designer