Christmas Lights: Card Game (2018)

25th Century Games

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2 - 4




30 min

It's that time of year again to dig out those old christmas lights and turn them into working sets. Sift through the assortment of bulbs to make sets you need. Christmas Lights is a competitive game of exchanging information and arranging bulbs in a rush to be the first to complete your sets. Players swap, play, trade and draw Christmas Light Bulbs into their own sets of lights in an attempt to be the first to complete three sets. To start each player is dealt 5 bulb cards that they must hold up facing away from themselves for other players to see. Players are also given 1 pattern card which dictates the pattern of colours they must follow to complete each set. Players take turns going through 4 phases of play: 1. Yankee Swap - The active player swaps a card with another player 2. Play - The active player plays 1 card into their set 3. Yard Sale - The active player places 1 card from their hand face up in the center of the table then draws a card from the top of the draw deck and places the card face up beside the first card. They may choose to take 1 of these cards and play it into their set or they may trade the cards to others for information about their hand. 4. Draw - draw to 5 cards. Sets consist of 5 different coloured bulbs even though there are 6 total colours which means there is always one colour someone is not looking for. There are also broken bulbs which can be used to advance your set but must be fixed before getting too far. The goal is to complete 3 full sets of lights according to their given pattern. All players get equal turns to complete their wonderful display of Christmas Lights.