Monsters in the Elevator (2016)

Yaya Play Games

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2 - 6




20 min

Monsters in the Elevator is a cooperative math card game for 2-6 players, ages 7-to-11 (and up). It takes 2 minutes to learn and 5-20 minutes to play. It won Best Family Game at the 2016 Boston Festival of Indie Games. There are two decks: 20 Floors, which are stacked in order lowest on top, and the Draw deck, which includes 64 Monsters (with weights displayed on their bodies) and 14 Actions (that make Monsters exit or change the Floor). GAMEPLAY: Sit in a circle: the center is the Elevator. The Elevator capacity is 50 x the number of players. Deal 3 Draw cards to each player, and play the 1st round. Each Floor is a round of the game, with 4 steps: 1. CHANGE THE FLOOR: Play the next card up. 2. PERFORM EXITS: Check the exit conditions on the Floor and Monster cards in the Elevator to see if any leave. 3. DO ENTRANCES: Each player chooses a card from their hand and places it faces down. After a count to three, all players flip. If there are actions, play them! If an action changes the floor, skip step 4 and do exits on the new floor. 4. DO THE MONSTER COUNT: Get the sum of the Monster weights. If the sum exceeds the Elevator capacity then the Elevator crashes and everyone loses. If the sum is below capacity, deal a 3rd card to each player and play the next round! ADVANCED PLAY: Remove the 20th Floor card, shuffle the remaining 19 Floor cards, place the Floors deck face down with 20th floor at bottom, and play each round with no idea what is coming next.

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