Armor & Ash

Restless Entropy Games

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2 - 2




60 min

Armor & Ash is a medieval fantasy themed battle card game for two players. The base set contains four different factions, each with its own unique warriors, heroes, spells, and arcane items. Control a band of Vikings, Forest Elves, Ghob-lings, or Undead and unleash havoc and devastation on your foes. Defeat the opposing Hero or eliminate their army and declare yourself the victor. Faction decks are pre-constructed, so there is nothing to collect or anything additional to buy. Each faction deck contains: 19 Common Units 1 Elite Unit 3 Heroes (only 1 is used during game play) 5 Spells 2 Items In Armor & Ash, players roll dice to score wounds on opposing units. Units remain on the Battlefield until they receive enough wounds to be defeated. Spells may be played at any time. Heroes can move freely in and out of battle. There is no resource pool threshold needed to recruit units.