Corporate Chaos (2014)

Tom & Sam Games, LLC

Game Image

3 - 6




30 min

Corporate Chaos is a new independent card game. You and your fellow 'corporate drones' struggle to keep your job. You also don't want to get promoted or else you will become part of the soulless corporate machine. Try not to get too stressed out though or you'll burn out. Each player (drone) is given a tracker for his/her HR Warnings, Career, and Stress levels. If any of those trackers reach 5, that drone is out of the game (sort of). Each round (workday) goes like this. Each drone chooses 1-3 cards to play from his/her hand of 7 cards and places the face down on the table. Once everyone is ready, the drones take turns revealing his/her cards. Everydrone adds up his/her productivity for the day. The drone with the highest productivity gets 'praise from the boss' and has to draw a career card (which will most likely increase the career stat) and the drone(s) with the lowest productivity gets 'yelled at by the boss' and increases their HR Warnings stat; all other drones are safe for the day. Everydrone draws back up to 7 hand cards and the game goes until there is only one drone left.