WarMage: Apprentice Edition (2014)

Roan Arts LLC

Game Image

2 - 9




30 min

'The fragile peace between mages has always been kept by the legendary WarMage of High Bastion. From the Stone Seat, the authority of the WarMage over the mages of Elerania has been absolute and unchallenged for decades... until now. Now the WarMage is dead, the world of mages is in chaos, and the Stone Seat stands empty--waiting for the most ambitious, most powerful mage to claim its glory...' WarMage: Apprentice Edition is the first installment in the WarMage series, a stand-alone competitive card game in the style of Yu-Gi-Oh! or Magic: The Gathering, for two to nine players of all ages and suitable for challenging both beginners and veterans alike. Summon your magical might and do battle against other aspiring mages, wielding communal spells from six unique disciplines of magic to launch attacks, hinder your opponents, empower yourself, and control the battlefield in a shifting, dynamic fight to be the last mage standing! In this game, a myriad of spells from several themed disciplines of magic are drawn from a central, shared deck, and are played in a variety of ways from players' hands in an effort to defeat their opponents. In the basic game mode, the last player standing wins; several variant game modes can also be played, to change the rules of the game itself.