Night of the Saucers

Imp House

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1 - 4




60 min

The year is 1984. Your city is under siege. Grey alien soldiers are everywhere. Alien rule is immanent. It's up to you and the teenage trouble making Task Force to save humanity. The Night of the Saucers is upon us, and Earth's only hope just got out of detention. Night of the Saucers is a collaborative game for 1 to 4 players, ages 8 and up. The average game lasts about an hour, but its not uncommon for a game to stretch towards the two hour mark. It all depends on how many missions you choose to complete and how many cards you decide to include in the alien deck. Each player controls 3 high school students that are stuck in detention when aliens attacked and take over the city. Now it's up to the students to take the city back. You must move about the board searching buildings for supplies to fight the aliens with. At the end of every turn, each player draws an alien card that deploys new aliens onto the board and directs the movements of the alien army. Sometimes devastating Saucer Strikes will be drawn that blow up the buildings tiles and everything on them. This makes the board treacherous to navigate and supplies harder to come by. The way you win is by completing Task Force missions or by surviving the alien deck. Night of the Saucers is a fun and easy game with cool miniatures set in an 80s action-movie inspired environment. We like to say it's like Red Dawn meets Independence Day with the Breakfast Club. Are you listening Hollywood?