Armageddon Preppin (2013)

Imp House

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2 - 4




30 min

Preppin is a 2-4 player card game for ages 8+. The goal of the game is simple, keep your family alive and be the lone survivors of the cataclysmic disasters. Each player is the head of a household trying to survive an onslaught of disasters. Every round you must decide how many of your family members will go out searching for supplies, and how many will stay sheltered. Family members who are sheltered, are safe from disasters. Those that go out, might not come back. Next you draw 1 card from any area pile of your choice for each unsheltered family member and place them into your hand. After you've drawn your cards, you take care of your upkeep by discarding 1 food card and 1 water card. If you can't, then you lose a family member to starvation or dehydration. Once each player has taken a turn, the last player chooses a disaster card from the disaster deck of their choice. The red ones are the worst. The disasters effect everyone at the same time. In order to survive the effects, you need to use the surplus cards you've collected in your hand. For example: The Oil Crisis Disaster card is drawn. It takes 1 shelter and 1 food away from everyone, or else you lose 1 family member. In my hand I have 2 Waters, 1 Food, a Generator and a Gas Mask. I will discard my food and generator to survive the disaster. After everyone has dealt with the disaster, the next round begins starting with the player to the left of the person who just drew the disaster. The game ends when there is only one player left, crowning them the most prepared.