Now Designers Can Solicit Reviews with One Click

Hey there! Just a quick, pre-Gen Con tweak to the site. Designers and publishers, you can now solicit reviewers for your game with a single checkbox!

To advertise a game for review, simply go to your Studio Game Catalog. (If you don’t see the menu item under Designers and Publishers, log in to your studio account first.)


Select your game from the list on the left, and then find the new checkbox labeled Presently seeking reviewers for this game.


Click the green Save  button on the bottom, and you’re done!

Reviewers can visit the new Games Seeking Reviewers page, which can be found under Games in the menu. No login is required.


Once you do, you’ll see a listing of all the games that are flagged as seeking review. Check back often, because we anticipate that lots of reviewers will be watching this page to quickly snap up review copies!


Obviously, it’ll take a little while for designers to learn about this new feature and flag their games as seeking reviewers.

Click Contact Designer to reach out to the designer and request a copy. Designers: Your contact information will not be shared with the reviewer; this is done internally by IGA’s website. The reviewer will not get your contact information unless you reply to their request.


Happy reviewing!