IGA is going to Dice Tower Con!

IGA is thrilled to announce that we’ve upgraded our presence at Dice Tower Con, here in our backyard in Orlando, FL. IGA’s now secured not only exhibitor/vendor status, but an ENTIRE ROOM for demos, tournaments and events! There’s only four of these rooms available at Dice Tower 2017, and one of them is going to be filled with YOUR games!
If you’re a member that wants to run events in our room, either in person or with us running them on your behalf, please let your IGA account rep know right away. If you’re a Minion who wants to work the show with us, let the minion coordinator know!

IGA is proud to sponsor Expedition Prototype 2017!

IGA is proud to be an official sponsor of Expedition Prototype 2017, formerly known as Prototype Con. Expedition Prototype is a prototype/playtesting only convention held in February in Kissimmee, FL, and organized by the fantastic folks at Dream Tangibly.

Expedition Prototype is planning the following events that you can be a part of:

  • A series of design and publishing workshops and publisher interviews
  • Door prizes
  • Most importantly, playtesting and more playtesting!

Here’s how members can get involved:

  1. Buy a ticket if you can attend. If you can’t, no worries – your game still can!
  2. If you want to playtest your game in person at the event, register your game now. Spots are limited, and they’re cheaper before January 15, so hurry up and register. If you want IGA to run it for you, contact your account representative for hourly pricing.
  3. If you can’t make the event, you can register your game for their playtest library. Spots are limited for this as well. IGA will be happy to help support any member whose game is in the library with player assistance during the event. If IGA already has a copy of the game, we will bring it to the event so you don’t have to send an additional copy. If you’re sending them a copy, we can take it after the show for future demos if you like.
  4. If your game is available for publication, send us some sell sheets to hand out to interested publishers.
  5. Come by our info table and hang out with us!

Local Minions, we’d love to see you at the event too! Loot Points are available for playtesting games at the show! If you file at least 8 hours’ worth of IGA playtest reports, we’ll  reimburse your $20 badge!

IGA’s Digital Revolution

Greetings! We’re super excited to make this announcement, as it’s the culmination of several months of work and negotiations.

IGA has long sought a way to make our playtesting offering better suited to the needs of our members – more playtesters, more iteration, and less cost. As some of you have discovered, platforms like Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia have provided a great means to do so – albeit with certain caveats, namely that you don’t know who’s playing and when, and finding players can be a challenge.

Until now.

IGA is proud to announce the launch of our new partnership with all three major platforms for digital tabletop gaming: Tabletopia, Tabletop Simulator, and the new PlayTable!

Let’s start with Tabletopia, which is live on indiegamealliance.com right now. Here’s how it work:

You, as a publisher,  can add your Tabletopia link to our website via our newly-redesigned studio game catalog. (You have checked that out, right?). That will cause our system to “recognize” your game as an IGA member game, and also add a “Play on Tabletopia” link to the public game page for your game. Minions can see what games are available to be played and tested right here.

But, here’s the really cool part. IGA’s Minions can now add their Steam usernames to their account profile. See where we’re going with this? Under the terms of our deal with Tabletopia, IGA now has direct access to the gameplay data for your games. So, whenever our Minions playtest your games, our system knows. You’ll get a demo report just like you do for physical game plays, automatically generated and verifiable right from the Tabletopia system. Minions can now earn Loot Points for playtesting your game from anywhere, anytime, ensuring there is always got someone to play with!

We’re creating a new public Facebook group to share feedback, discuss, and find players, open to both members and Minions. I’ve gone through the Tabletopia game list and added all the IGA member games I could find to our database.

In case you haven’t heard, Tabletopia recently changed their model such that it’s now free to play. There is a charge to add games to the service, but IGA Pro members save 10% on the Workshop account for this purpose.

Pretty cool, right? But hold up. We wouldn’t just give you one awesome new tool, would we? There’s two major platforms for digital tabletop gaming. So we asked, why not both?

We’re thrilled to announce an additional partnership, signed late last night, with Berserk Games, maker of Tabletop Simulator! They need a few weeks to get the code written to give us database access, but once they do, the terms of that deal will be pretty much identical, so whichever platform you choose, IGA’s Minions are ready to play!

The Tabletopia and Tabletop Simulator deals are available to IGA Pro members only. If you need help getting your game imported into either system, let IGA support know. We have experienced freelancers on standby who will work with you at a special rate to get your game up in digital lights!

But wait. There’s even more.

If you’ve been on Facebook recently, you’ve probably seen ads for the PlayTable. This insanely cool device is billed as the world’s first console for tabletop gaming. It’s basically a giant tablet with a tabletop app store, support for physical components, and more, and it’ll be launching in late 2017 – early 2018.

Well, if you want in, IGA is the way. Under the terms of our new partnership with PlayTable developer Prizm Labs, IGA members will get access to their creation kit for games 30 days before everyone else, so you’ll get a head start on a new frontier of tabletop gaming. You’ll also get preferred placement for your games on their “app store”. IGA members and Minions will save 10% on the PlayTable devices themselves. Best of all, IGA Pro members will get an extra 10% revenue share on their games when they’re sold in the PlayTable app store!

We expect there’s going to be a ton of questions. We stand ready to answer. We’ll be manning all three groups on Facebook (and if you’re not in one, you should be) throughout the day. You can also reach us at support@indiegamealliance.com.


Minions: Get alerted when your games become demo-eligible!

Pleased to announce a cool new feature for our volunteer Minions. Now, if you’ve registered your BoardGameGeek.com username on your minion profile (and if not, you should do so now), and if you keep track of your game collection there, we’ll be able to tell you when you get new games that are eligible to be demoed for Loot Points!

New games will appear when you’ve added new games to your BGG collection that are IGA-supported, or when companies that publish the games you already own join the IGA team as members. Look for emails on Friday mornings if you’ve got new games to move to your IGA shelf!

Black Friday Sale extended through Friday 12/3!

Designers and publishers: Thinking about upgrading to IGA Pro and taking advantage of over 40 membership discounts, increased demo opportunities and everything else we offer? Now through Dec. 3 at midnight Eastern, save an additional $20 when you upgrade to a new annual IGA Pro subscription! For just $180 ($15 a month – a 25% savings over our monthly plan!) you can get a year of Pro and access to our 300+ volunteer Minions for about what you pay for your favorite video service or blind box.

Check out all the benefits at www.indiegamealliance.com/pro or sign up now!

Now Designers Can Solicit Reviews with One Click

Hey there! Just a quick, pre-Gen Con tweak to the site. Designers and publishers, you can now solicit reviewers for your game with a single checkbox!

To advertise a game for review, simply go to your Studio Game Catalog. (If you don’t see the menu item under Designers and Publishers, log in to your studio account first.)


Select your game from the list on the left, and then find the new checkbox labeled Presently seeking reviewers for this game.


Click the green Save  button on the bottom, and you’re done!

Reviewers can visit the new Games Seeking Reviewers page, which can be found under Games in the menu. No login is required.


Once you do, you’ll see a listing of all the games that are flagged as seeking review. Check back often, because we anticipate that lots of reviewers will be watching this page to quickly snap up review copies!


Obviously, it’ll take a little while for designers to learn about this new feature and flag their games as seeking reviewers.

Click Contact Designer to reach out to the designer and request a copy. Designers: Your contact information will not be shared with the reviewer; this is done internally by IGA’s website. The reviewer will not get your contact information unless you reply to their request.


Happy reviewing!

Introducing IGA’s Referral Program!


A few days ago, we asked you to help spread the word about the Indie Game Alliance, and now, we’ve made it even easier, and more profitable, to do just that.

Each member studio and Minion now has their very own referral link, which can be accessed via https://www.indiegamealliance.com/refer.php (login required). You can print or download a QR code, share on social media, or grab an HTML snippet to easily add a referral button to your website. Alternatively, just cut and paste the link and give us a mention in a Kickstarter update, and be rewarded for anyone that joins as a result!

Studios who recruit 5 volunteer demo Minions that file at least one demo report, or refer 5 new member studios that sign up for IGA Pro, will earn a free month of IGA Pro for themselves. Minions receive 10 bonus Loot Points for every active Minion or IGA Pro studio they refer!

Not to mention, you’ll be helping grow the demo team and the available resources we’ll have to attend conventions, print handouts, and make a bigger splash for our members. We’re hopeful that this new tool and incentive program will help us to build on the already-successful team we have to help serve our members even better. It’s a win/win, so get out there and share that link!

IGA’s Second Birthday

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and so we can’t believe it’s already been two years since we started the Indie Game Alliance. On April 25, 2015, Brotherwise Games became the first member of our group. At the time, designer Johnny O’Neal told us that if we could recruit five studios into the Alliance, it would succeed. As I write this, our membership list is 342 names long.

I’d like to mark this occasion by telling you a bit about the state of our Alliance, to show you how far we’ve come together, and to ask for your help in order to grow the Alliance and make it better able to fulfill its mission for all of its members.

The revamped IndieGameAlliance.com

On November 26, 2015, we rolled out a new website, rebuilt from the ground up to better handle the growing and changing needs of our members and Minions.

Some of the highlights include:

  • A mobile-friendly demo reporting tool that our Minions use to submit feedback to studios and earn Loot Points
  • freelancer board where the community can find and rate artists, graphic designers, rulebook editors, and other talent
  • A hosted survey module that members can use to customize mobile-friendly feedback surveys and email lists  for one or all of their games
  • An interactive IGA game catalog, integrated  with BoardGameGeek.com, for all your game details and to help Minions find IGA games they own
  • A publisher marketplace where designers can list their games for publication and publishers can find their next big hit
  • Free advertisement of members’ active Kickstarter campaigns

Since the site was relaunched, we have continued to make massive improvements and additions. We’re presently working on a revamped reward store for our Minions and an even more streamlined process for joining the Alliance and managing your account, as well as giving IGA staff (yes, we have staff now!) the tools they need to better support our members.

Upcoming Conventions

We’ve got quite a few conventions coming up! If you want your game on the Open Play Library or Prototype Preview Showcases, all you need to do is get us copies of your game and become an IGA Pro member.

Slots are filling up fast for our demo booth at Gen Con. Contact support@indiegamealliance.com to sign up for your slot or to get your game in our retail booth for sale!

IGA Pro: A Simpler, Better Service Plan

IGA was founded two years ago this week on the idea that many small, independent groups, contributing to a common effort, would have the resources to stand with the larger conglomerate publishers. That dream only works when everyone pitches in.

One of the biggest ways you can help is financially. Based on feedback from our members, we eliminated the confusing Bronze, Silver and Gold membership levels and replaced them with a single, streamlined service offering we call IGA Pro. Pro members get access to all the good stuff from the old plans, plus a ton of new things we’ve only started offering since the website launched. For as little as $16.67 a month, you can make a very meaningful impact on the Alliance’s growth.

Pro subscription fees help us ship games to volunteer demo reps worldwide. They help us have the funds ready to pounce on available booth space at popular conventions that sell out fast, like Gen Con, Dice Tower Con, Origins, BGG.con and the PAX shows, and to reimburse badges and hotels for our volunteers when they work those shows. They help us pay the bills for the phone service, the web hosting, the liability insurance, and the rent on the warehouse space. They help us buy banners and business cards and flyers. Eventually, it is my hope that they will pay full-time staff that will devote their full attention to promoting your games.

I know you realize how expensive that all is — you’ve likely either done it before or found it prohibitive to do so. Together, we can make these goals trivially, and reduce or eliminate your need to do it individually – if we all pitch in.

We think we have something going here. 342 designers and publishers agree that the IGA model is viable. I’m asking all of our members to consider upgrading to IGA Pro to give us the resources we need to make this mission a true success that will benefit you all.

Expanding the Minion Corps

Every one of our members has a fan base they’re cultivating, whether it’s thousands of people who have backed their Kickstarter or just a few dozen playtesters. These are people we can reach, who already have and love your game — why not let them help us promote it?

We are calling on all members to help us recruit new volunteers and swell the ranks of the Minion corps worldwide. All it takes is 30 seconds to send a Tweet, to post a Kickstarter update, or tell a friend that they can earn free games by teaching any of over a thousand games — including yours. Alternatively, fill that inch of dead space in your manual with a notice that fans can sign up for your official demo team at indiegamealliance.com.

Recruiting for our team takes almost no time and costs no money, but the benefits can be huge for you and your fellow members. Every new Minion means more representation at game stores and conventions around the world, helping to promote their favorite games, which you already know include yours. It’s a huge win for everyone. Please take a minute to let your fans and social media followers know about IGA today.

Entering Year Three…

The future is bright for IGA. With new members and new IGA Pro subscribers all the time, we are continuing to grow, adapt and learn. We’re so proud of the work we do supporting all of you and helping the things you create find and expand an audience. Thank you so much for being a part of our team and supporting the work we do on behalf of the indie gaming community.

~ Matt

Welcome to the all-new IGA!

Greetings! I’m writing this first post as part of the lead-up to the launch of our new website. This site’s taken far longer than I wanted it to, for a variety of reasons that really don’t matter anymore, but with it, we can finally roll out a bunch of things we’ve been promising and hinting at for months.

We’re so very excited to relaunch the site, and with it, the Alliance at large. We’ve taken everything we’ve learned about the tabletop community and our place in it, and poured it into an all-new Alliance offering. We’re pleased to say that the “IGA 2.0” we launch today blows away everything we’ve done in the past, which was already the best set of services available to game publishers in the world.

Here’s a look at a few of the enhancements on the new site, before we get to the really good stuff.

Integration with BoardGameGeek.com

If you’re one of the handful of studios who filled out the Game Library form on the original website, you know it wasn’t exactly user-friendly. The most frequently-requested feature for a new website, a supported game list, wasn’t feasible to provide because the Game Library was so unwieldy and so infrequently used. Not anymore. Members can input their BoardGameGeek.com publisher ID – which we’ve already done for all current members – and import their entire game collection in seconds.


Our automated systems will then monitor your BGG profile and automatically add new games into our library within 6 hours of when they first appear on BGG.

Of course, you can edit the games once they’re imported using our completely redesigned game editor tool.


Oh, and that IGA-supported game list? It’s a reality now too.


If you’re a Minion (or potential Minion), you can simply enter your BoardGameGeek.com username…


… and we’ll scan your collection and list all the IGA-supported games you already own and can start demoing right away.


Live Kickstarter Tracking

The new site integrates with Kickstarter directly, and shows the progress of every active IGA member Kickstarter campaign, updated every 15 minutes and available right on the front page.


It also provides us admins with an awesome back-end tool we can use to easily share campaigns on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, to make us even more effective than ever before at spreading the word.

Better Support for Hybrids

When we launched the Alliance in April 2014, we never expected the number of “hybrids” we’d meet — folks who wanted to be both designers and Minions, or Minions and retailers, or some other combinations thereof. Our user accounts weren’t structured to allow it. With IGA 2.0, an account can have as many Community Roles as you need, so our double-, triple-, and even quadruple-threat members can use the site seamlessly with a single account.


Upcoming Appearances

We’ve added a chronological preview of all the events our teams are scheduled to attend, and the services IGA will be offering at the show. This will make it easier than ever before to make your presence felt at conventions worldwide — even when you can’t be there.



Our members and Minions can now earn achievements for their feats of gaming excellence.


Actual, Real-Live Company Stuff!

IGA’s new website adds a bunch of “grown up company” stuff that the previous iteration lacked, like a media guide and logo pack, testimonials section, a news area with real-live press releases, and even a jobs page.


This Blog

Prior to the launch of the new site, most IGA information was disseminated over our private Facebook groups. We’ve discovered that more than half our members never joined the groups, and thus never got wind of amazing opportunities and vital details that would have enabled them to get much more benefit out of their Alliance membership. This blog will be the source for the up-to-the-minute pulse of the Alliance. We’ll syndicate the posts to our social media channels, so if you’re used to talking to us there, don’t worry — you won’t miss out!

Improved Hosting

We’ve moved all our sites and services from a craptasmic shared hosting plan to a swank virtual private server provided by the network gods at HostDime. While this might not sound terribly exciting, it has more than tripled the speed of page loads and provided a much more reliable platform for everything we do. As an added bonus, the server’s in a data center 15 minutes from IGA HQ. We seriously can’t recommend HostDime enough.

… and that’s just the relatively boring stuff.

Now’s where things really get good. Introducing: the future of the Indie Game Alliance.

Real-Time Demo Reporting

Our Minions can now file demo reports from the field on any smartphone or tablet. The average demo report takes about 30 seconds to file, including photos of the event — and the whole thing gets emailed to you in real time! No more wondering where your games are being played; you can follow along with the action at conventions around the country and the globe.

Minions will be awarded their Loot Points instantly, and can spend them within minutes.

mediakit demoreport1

Partner Discounts

One of the original concepts behind the IGA was to allow smaller publishers to get the same economies of scale that bigger companies do on everything from manufacturing to business cards. We’re pleased to say that’s now a reality.


IGA’s partner program offers significant discounts from industry-leading  manufacturers, business printers, professional memberships, accessory manufacturing, and even legal services, just for being an active IGA member. Details on all the discount programs are available in one central place on the new site, allowing you to quickly and easily see where your IGA membership saves you money!

Freelancer Board

Looking for an artist, a graphics designer, a translator, or a rulebook editor for your project? IGA’s new Freelancer Board allows professionals to post their portfolio for our members to browse.


If you’re a publisher who has hired the freelancer before, you can leave feedback for others to view. This feedback system will help members pick the right professional to help finish your project, every time.


Game Store

At long last, the IGA Game Store is live. The store is how Minions will redeem their Loot Points to score new games to add to their demo library.

… but that’s not all it’s for!


Retail Wholesaling

IGA is proud to announce that we’re rolling out our long-awaited consignment wholesaling program. Now, the same Minions that demo your games in their friendly local game stores will become your field sales reps, encouraging the stores they visit to carry copies of your games to sell to all the new fans their demos create. You receive a generous 40% of MSRP on every copy sold — better than most distributors pay! There’s no minimum quantity to get started. We handle the shipping and fulfillment on our end. You provide us some stock, we handle the rest, and you just wait for the money to roll in!

Surveys and Email Lists

When Minions demo for you at stores and conventions, they can now bring along a QR code, printed off the website. When the code is scanned, the player will be taken to a fully-customizable survey, designed to be completed on mobile devices, which takes into account expansions being played and playtested.


The average survey is 5-10 questions, and can be completed in about 90 seconds, which is about as long as it takes for a Minion to switch games. This keeps players at the table between games, allowing the Minion to get off more and more demos.


To encourage Minions to ask for the surveys, and players to complete them, IGA will randomly choose one survey a month, and both the player who completed the survey and the Minion who collected it will receive a free game!

Of course, for the player to receive the game, we’ll need a way to contact them…


As players complete surveys, they can sign up to receive news about all IGA games, just your games, or just the game they played. Members can gain access to this ever-growing database of players to send out Kickstarter announcements, promote organized play, and any number of other exciting opportunities. We even prompt the players to sign up to join our Minion program, potentially adding new volunteers — and best of all, they just finished learning your game!


You can use our default survey, or customize your own for each game in your catalog! This is a powerful tool for designers utilizing our Minion team for playtesting, as you get the feedback you need, instantly, on the questions you need answered most!

To get started, simply drag and drop survey questions from your question pool into a new survey.editsurvey2

Adding new questions is easy, with powerful customization options like free-form entry or multiple choice questions, requiring no answers or more than one, and including an ‘Other’ option that requires user input.


When your new survey is ready, you can attach it to any game in your Game Catalog with a single click. You can even assign sub-surveys to expansions, and the player will be prompted to complete the survey for the base game in addition to the sub-surveys for all the expansions she indicated she played in the demo.

Publisher Marketplace

In your member game catalog, you can now turn on a simple checkbox to indicate your game is available for publication. Member publishers can visit our Publisher Marketplace and browse any IGA-supported games that are available, read up on the games, and contact the designer. The designer’s contact information is kept completely anonymous unless he or she decides to respond.


Account Executives

IGA is in the process of hiring Account Executives to work with our member studios. As our client list has grown, it’s become impossible for our small but dedicated admin team to give each member the kind of personal attention we feel that they deserve. To rectify this, we’re expanding our team.

Account Executives will be responsible for no more than 25 or so member studios, and will be in touch with them at least once a month to make sure our members know about the latest IGA news and opportunities, and to make sure IGA knows about the new games you have in the works.  These will be paid (commission-only for now) positions and are great part-time opportunities for folks looking to make some side cash or build their gaming resume. Get all the details about applying right here.

I’d like to take a moment to publicly acknowledge some people who helped us make this relaunch possible over the last few months.

Thank you to every minion and member designer that took time to test the site, check out screenshots and offer feedback. You are too numerous to name, but we appreciate all that you did and all that you do. Special thanks to our seven Minibosses: Dylan Martin, Jason Gough, Sherri Haight, Jayson Stevens, Michael Russell, Billy Salazar, and Billy McCann, who also has done a substantial amount of graphics work for IGA.

Thanks to minions Forrest Evans, Victoria Hardman, and Cheryl Billinger for hours of grueling data entry work, and also to Forrest for helping us get the BoardGameGeek integration working. Thanks to Ken Grazier for repeatedly breaking our BoardGameGeek integration with his obnoxiously huge game collection. Thanks to Paul Nguyen for pulling a rabbit out of his hat and getting our store up and running at the last minute. Thank you, Daylina Miller, for your help getting our social media profiles expanded and for giving our new media kit a journalist’s eye.

Thank you to studio members Adrienne Ezell of Dreadful Games, who has become our go-to source for graphics wizardry, and Jason Washburn of Talon Strikes Studios for designing our swank new business cards (and overnighting a few thousand of them to Gen Con for us). Thank you to Shea Looijen and Kristi Uhles of Bibelot Games, who not only took it upon themselves to redesign our logo, but then proceeded to burninate it onto everything they could get their hands on with a frickin’ laser. Thanks to designer Doug Levandowski for the obscene amount of phone calls he took that started with the same sentence, “Let me run something by you real quick.” It rarely was real quick, but it was always real productive.